Free tools

DNS Tools

Provides lookup information for common DNS record types, e.g. A, AAAA, MX, TXT, NS, and CNAME records. Optionally, with full trace from internet root nameservers, which can be helpful for troubleshooting high-level DNS issues.

Whois Lookup

Looks up the registrar, registrant, creation, and expiration dates for a given domain name.

rWhois Lookup

Looks up owner & contact information for an IP address from an rWhois server. If the ISP maintains compliance with ARIN policies, then this should point to the actual party responsible for the address.

SSL Tools

Connects to a domain name to pull information about its SSL certificate. This tool can lookup expiration dates and issuer information.


My IP will provide your IP address, look up the ISP it belongs to, and return information about your OS and web browser, if javascript is enabled.

IP Calculator

Enter an IP in CIDR notation (e.g. to calculate gateway, netmask, usable IPs, etc.

Speed Test

Speed Test will check your latency, jittery, download, and upload speeds over a single-threaded connection to, located in downtown Los Angeles, CA.


A collection of commonly-used ISOs.

File Converter

The Ultimate File Converter! Ideally the only file converter you'll ever need. Supports a large number of image, motion image, video, and audio formats.

Email Tester

Allows you to confirm that your email is working properly, by testing its ability to send and receive mail.

Text Share

PrivateBin allows you to share text via a private URL. All text is encrypted, and you can optionally choose to expire it after a specific period of time or burn-after-reading. The URL can also be shortened for easy sharing.

Download Test Files

No information you provide on any of these tools is stored, apart from the file converter and email tester, both of which store just enough information to perform their intended function.